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MS. PAC-MAN™ Counter-cade

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Also includes PAC-MAN™PLUS, GALAGA™, and DIG DUG™II!

FEATURES Step right up to the counter and play away. Arcade1Up’s next generation of counter-cades is here…in a new home arcade form factor! Take it right out of the box, plug it in and start gobbling up pellets. Perfect for home bars, offices, dorm rooms, or anywhere else you’d want to squeeze in some retro gaming, Arcade1Up’s counter-cades are compact in size, but always an enormous amount of fun. Yep, here she is. Possibly a diva but most definitely an icon, Ms.PAC-MAN™! Guide her way through those mazes while evading BLINKY, PINKY, INKY, and SUE. In the mood to switch it up? You’ve also got the classics PAC-MAN™PLUS, GALAGA™, and DIG DUG™ll, all inside! Featuring authentic gameplay with real feel controls, Arcade1Up’s counter-cades are the way to bring that classic arcade experience home, even if you’re short on space! MS. PAC-MAN™&© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. PAC-MAN™ PLUS&© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. GALAGA™&© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. DIG DUG™II&© BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.